What are Paper Cats?

3 min readAug 3, 2021

Cats made of paper — right? Nope.

Setting up your first crypto wallet is hard, it's confusing, and almost every tutorial is over complicated and full of jargon.

It doesn't have to be. This is where Paper Cats comes in.

Friendly NFT/Crypto onboarding

We are creating a series of comic-book-style tutorials that use simple language and graphics to help anyone understand and use NFTs with confidence.

In our minds we are designing the whole thing so you can share the tutorials with a regular internet user (some basic tech knowledge is required) and they will be able to:

  • Create a new Metamask wallet
  • Add funds to their wallet
  • Understand the do’s and dont’s of wallet safety
  • Navigate OpenSea safely
  • Understand NFT drops and Gas
  • Understand NFT rarity and traits
  • Buy/Trade NFTs safely
  • Learn how to spot scams
  • and more…

Paper Cats token

The easiest way for us to teach people about NFT drops and gas is with a live NFT. Obviously, this comes with many complications: wild price fluctuations, gas wars, potential minting errors, gas outs, and many many more.

The solution is pretty simple.

We are creating a new NFT with the following features:

  • Very cheap — aiming for <$10 per token
  • Infinite supply
  • Trait 1: background color
  • Tiered Trait 2: heart color

Anti-Whales and Pro-noob

The infinite supply means that anyone wanting a Paper Cat can buy one directly from the contract at any time.

Background Color

The background color is picked at random and is designed to teach users about randomness and how that can affect rarity.

Heart Color

The heart color is based on the roll of a 100 sided virtual dice. There are 7 heart colors available.

This allows us to teach holders about tiers and will potentially result in some tokens being priced higher than others on the secondary market.

NFT Developers

Paper Cats will also be completely open-source and has been coded with simplicity in mind. Someone following the tutorial should be able to fully understand the process and produce their own functioning NFT.

Every step of the process has been documented and every bit of the code is explained.

To ensure we are creating tutorials that are easy to follow and offer real value to new NFT developers, we thought it would be best for a developer with very little NFT knowledge to be your guide. As such we tasked Adam, one of the Cool Cats team members to work with Tom to write a series of tutorials from his perspective.

It should be noted that Adam does have coding experience and has worked on many javascript and typescript projects.

When will Paper Cats be ready?

We have a few more weeks worth of work to do. Luckily the NFT community on Twitter has been super supportive and a whole army of people have offered to help. Nevertheless, it takes time to create simple tutorials for a complex topic.

We will make announcements and drop tweets as we hit key milestones.

Where to find us

I can normally be found in the Cool Cats discord channel

Or on Twitter



Last Word

I feel silly saying this, but I have had so many messages I feel it might save you and me some time.

I have a full-time job IRL and coupled with Cool Cats I am swamped with work, so sadly I have to decline every job offer.

But I am always willing to help out by sharing resources and advice where I can.




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